Davie Canoe Landing – a bit of Davie, FL History

Davie, Florida is a town that is full of history and proud of it, as evidenced in part by historical markers and the town’s desire to maintain a “western” theme throughout its downtown area along Davie Road between SW 39th St. and Griffin Road.  It is because of the Town of Davie’s residents strong desire to maintain their heritage that the Davie Area Land Trust exists.  You’ll find the Davie Canoe Landing (pictured below) on Orange Drive (which is parallel to Griffin Road), about a block or two west of Davie Road, and just steps from the Davie Town Hall.

Davie, Florida History

The plaque on the Davie Canoe Landing reads as follows:

“This historic canal site was Davie’s first canoe and barge landing.  Nicknamed the Venice of America, Broward County canals were the lifeblood of the community, controlling flooding, nourishing the land and providing settlers with vital transportation links.  Early residents of Davie used these canals to transport goods and produce to the railroads in the east.  We dedicate this site to Davie’s early pioneers who labored in the past to create this peaceful place.”

Davie FL History

(The backside as seen from across the South New River Canal.)

4 Responses to “Davie Canoe Landing – a bit of Davie, FL History”

  1. 3cee Says:

    Ohhh, there is something so peaceful about canoeing; I haven’t done it in a while but I always enjoy it. This looks beautiful, what a great heritage, no wonder they want to preserve it. I’d love to canoe and see the canals.

  2. Leanne Paynter Says:

    I haven’t been canoeing in a while either… too long, actually, but it is very enjoyable. It would be interesting to canoe along the South New River Canal.

  3. Will Murphy Says:

    If you want to paddle through this area, come join us for dragon boat paddling. We go out almost every Saturday morning. If you want to come along, email me at WillMurphy@SOARteam.com and I will send you directions.

  4. Leanne Paynter Says:

    Thanks for the invite, Will. Anyone who enjoys canoeing should check out your site – http://www.SOARTeam.com for more information about upcoming events.

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