Basements in South Florida Homes?

If it’s hard for some to believe that there are homes in Florida with basements, it’s even harder to believe they can be found in Southeast Florida.  The highest elevation found in the South Florida metropolitan area is only 29 feet above sea level, while many homes – especially those east of U.S. 1 are no more than 10-15 feet above sea level.  Yet, surprisingly, every once in a while a listing comes on the market that has some type of basement (this includes a few with ground-level basements). 

I did a quick search of the MLS and found 18 South Florida homes that are currently on the market and are stated to have a basement of some sort.  These homes are priced between the mid-$200s to a high of $2M, with a median price of $400,000 (somewhat lower than the average sale price of single-family homes).  Nine are located in Miami-Dade, three in Broward, and six in Palm Beach County.  Do you know someone who owns a South Florida home with a basement?