Brand new and already functionally obsolete!

BlueprintsI recently showed one of my clients a 2-bedroom/1-bathroom townhome which has the 2 bedrooms with a bathroom between them upstairs and zero bathrooms downstairs (where the kitchen and living room/dining room are).  Whenever I come across these types of odd floor plans, I have to ask “what were the builders thinking?”.  Who wants to have to go upstairs every time they need to go to the bathroom or make their guests do that?  I know some older homes were built with only one bathroom but this was a 10-year old townhouse… a townhouse that was functionally obsolete even when it was brand new!

Whenever you are shopping for a home, be sure to take into consideration the potential value of a home in the future.  Oddities such as the one I mentioned above can negatively affect the value of the home and make it more difficult to sell, especially during a buyer’s market when inventory levels are high.  Unless there is a way to fix the problem and the fix is not unreasonably expensive, it’s best to move on and find another home you like that won’t make it difficult to sell when you decide to move again and have to put it on the market.