Can Mismatched Appliances Affect Your Home Sale?

Appliances that don't color match.Every once in a while I’ll show a home that has non-matching kitchen appliances.  To be clear, when I say “mismatched”, I’m not speaking of ones from different manufacturers but of ones that are not color-matched.  It’s rare that a buyer not notice these and comment on them as they tend to draw attention to all the appliances, making buyers often question the age of each one.  Even a new white clothes washer will undoubtedly stand out when paired with an almond-colored dryer.

The example shown in the photo came to be mismatched because the home seller got a good deal at the store on the new flat-top stove and the fact that it didn’t match the color of the other kitchen appliances wasn’t of importance to him.  Unfortunately, when a house is on the market, this type of “bargain” is likely to cost the seller more than they saved on the purchase of it.

While mismatched appliances may not affect how quickly your home sells, it will probably be a factor in the sale price of your home.  Buyers are likely to factor in the cost of new appliances, resulting in a lower purchase price offer.  After all, if you noticed as you were walking out your door that you accidentally paired a black shoe with a brown shoe, wouldn’t you go back in and change?

6 Responses to “Can Mismatched Appliances Affect Your Home Sale?”

  1. Carole Cohen Says:

    Wonder if you could paint the frig! Saw on a design show last week that there is some kind of laminate you can use on a dishwasher…wonder if it works on a frig? Good points!

  2. Leanne Paynter Says:

    Carole, you can buy appliance paint but somehow I don’t think it’ll really make much difference. Usually (as in the example shown in the photo) there are other tell-tale signs that reveal the age of an appliance… such as the door handles, which look dated. Also, the few appliances I’ve seen that have been painted — look painted, which is in some ways worse than leaving them the original color.

  3. Kris Says:

    I agree that the color must match. But have you found, specifically, that different brands are an issue? It seems to me that it would be noticeable and could put a negative thought into a potential buyer’s mind. Your thoughts?

  4. Leanne Paynter Says:

    Kris, I’ve seen a few homes where one kitchen appliance was a different brand than the others but it usually didn’t look too bad since it was about the same age and style as the other major appliances. That seems to be a key factor in how buyers react — the combination of age and style of the appliances. As for why there would be different brands… I think buyers realize that sometimes people prefer to buy a new appliance rather than repair an old one. As long as the new appliance doesn’t look glaringly different from the older ones, it’s not likely to be an issue to buyers.

    Also, different brands don’t seem to have as much of a negative impact on prospective buyers if they’re in the laundry room vs. in the kitchen (where more people see it).

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    […] Can Mismatched Appliances Affect Your Home Sale? « South … – Every once in a while I’ll show a home that has non-matching kitchen appliances. To be clear, when I say “mismatched”, I’m not speaking of ones from different manufacturers but of ones that are not color-matched. It’s rare that … […]

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