South Florida Real Estate Market Conditions – June 2007

The Florida Association of Realtors (F.A.R.) has released the sales reports for June 2007.  Compared to last month, the number of single-family resale homes that sold in Broward County increased by about 17% and Palm Beach County saw a smaller increase of approximately 3%, while Miami-Dade County experienced a decrease of nearly 5%.  At the same time, the median sales price for single-family resale homes in the Fort Lauderdale metropolitan area increased while it decreased in the West Palm Beach and Miami metropolitan areas. 

Sales of resale condos in all three South Florida counties slowed.  Meanwhile, the median sale price of resale condos in Broward and Palm Beach Counties has decreased while the Miami metropolitan area’s resale condo sale prices has experienced a slight increase in comparison to last month.

Current Market Statistics

*Median is the price at which half of the homes sold for more and half sold for less.

Source: Florida Association of Realtors (F.A.R.)

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