South Florida Home Inspections

House InspectorWhether you’re purchasing an older home or new construction, I always highly recommend to home buyers I work with that they invest in a professional home inspection.  Don’t let the fact that it’s new construction fool you into a false sense of peace… even new homes can have defects.  Home inspection companies typically base their prices on the size of a house (square footage), so the larger the house, the more you’ll pay for a home inspection.  Also, some home inspection companies offer additional services (examples include testing for mold or radon) or can direct you to other companies that offer those services. 

If you’re viewing homes in South Florida and will be in need of locating a home inspector, here are a couple of resources that may help in your decision-making process:

ASHI has a code of ethics  and membership categories and requirements.  Also, check out their frequently asked questions on home inspections and view a virtual home inspection while you’re on their site.

NAHI also has a code of ethics (.pdf), standards of practice (.pdf) and different levels of membership.  While on their site, check out their resource library and articles for home buyers and home sellers.

Though some home inspectors or home inspection companies do not belong to either of these companies, home buyers may find the information on these sites helpful.  If you’ve received a referral of a home inspector or company that is not listed in either of these sites it does not necessarily mean that they are not professional or qualified.  Membership to either of the associations listed above is voluntary.

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