Is it time to hold a garage sale?

Garage SaleIs your home lacking in storage space?  If so, perhaps it’s time to have a garage sale (or yard sale). Although a successful garage sale takes good planning, time and effort, the benefits usually make it worthwhile. It can help declutter your home and depending on the quantity and quality of the items you put up for sale, it has the potential to be reasonably profitable.

If you’re planning on putting your South Florida home up for sale in the near future, consider having a garage or yard sale to make your move lighter as well as help potential home buyers see the amount of (rather than lack of) storage space in your home. Consider using the profits from the garage sale to pay for any necessary repairs you know would show up on a home inspection report, or perhaps to update or upgrade something in your home to make it more attractive to home buyers and help your home sell more quickly in this slower market.

Most local newspapers charge a nominal amount for those wanting to advertise a garage sale in the classified section.  You can also advertise for free on the Internet on websites such as Craigslist.  If your community allows them, I’d also suggest placing “garage sale” signs in key locations such as near intersections and entrances to your neighborhood.  Here is a webpage with useful garage sale tips.  Good luck!