Florida Real Estate News

Local and Statewide Real Estate Headlines:

Broward County

  • Some South Floridians are trading homes. (Read Article)
  • Is a $300,000 townhouse “affordable”? (Read Article)
  • Miami-Dade County

  • Clinton has a pal in this Miami entrepreneur. (Read Article)
  • Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast

  • Home foreclosures in South Florida on the rise. (Read Article)
  • Counties protest tax cut. (Read Article)
  • Florida

  • Proposal would raise homestead exemption. (Read Article)
  • Push to cut property tax falters. (Read Article)
  • .

    3 Responses to “Florida Real Estate News”

    1. Maureen Francis Says:

      Wow, you could take Florida out of those headlines, insert Michigan, and we could have such similar headlines up here.

    2. Linda Davis Says:

      This is a nice format to deliver news! Nice and concise!

    3. Leanne Paynter Says:

      Maureen, unfortunately, there are many areas of the
      U.S. that are experiencing similar issues.

      Thanks for the compliment, Linda!

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